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Experimenting with HTML

This is the heading……I hope.

I’m told that this blog post can be about anything, so I think I’ll talk about the fact that this is the first time I’m using HTML on WordPress. Not surprisingly, this is more difficult to do than I thought it would be. I kind of wonder about the benefits of using HTML in the first place, though with the Internet at my disposal I’m sure I can find the answer to that question with a simple click of a button. Nonetheless I find the use of HTML fairly interesting, as what I’m used to on WordPress is just simply typing out a blog and posting it.

My WordPress Experience

Believe it or not I’ve done some article writing for the Internet. Specifically, I’ve published articles for a gaming website known as Lagwar. Here’s a link to one of the articles:

Accompanying it is a picture from the article:

I wrote articles about:

  • Games in general.
  • Certain aspects of games including gameplay and graphics.
  • Innovations that games had within them.

But, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with tweaking the appearance of a blog.

I’ve only done the following really:

  1. Color
  2. Theme
  3. Time Settings

Regardless, I hope this experiment with HTML works out well, I know I’ve been previewing it the entire time to see if I made any mistakes =).

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